Disclosure Policy

1. Basic policy

FANCL’s information disclosure abides by the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law and the Tokyo Stock Exchange disclosure regulations (hereafter, ‘regulations on timely disclosure’). Additionally, in cases where information is not subject to the regulations on timely disclosure, important information is disclosed to all shareholders and investors regardless of whether the information is positive or negative. In order to maintain fair and unbiased disclosure of information we do not release important undisclosed information on a selective basis to specific institutions or individuals.

2. Methods of disclosure

For the disclosure of information subject to the regulations on timely disclosure, FANCL utilizes TDnet provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In order to ensure the fair availability of any such information released, the information disclosed by TDnet is also made available on our website. However, in certain cases there may be a delay in posting such information on our website due to the additional time required to prepare documents in a web-ready format.

3. Forward-looking statements

Forward-looking statements may be included in information that we disclose. Any such statements are based on the beliefs, estimates, and expectations of management at the time of announcement. Actual business performance may differ materially from projections contained in forward-looking statements, due to factors including but not limited to economic conditions or the market environment. Accordingly, forward-looking statements should not form the sole basis of decisions and evaluations regarding the actual or potential performance or corporate value of FANCL.

4. Quiet period

In order to ensure fairness and to prevent the unauthorized release of earnings information prior to announcements, FANCL maintains an investor relations ‘quiet period’ that extends from the end of the financial period until the announcement of results. In the case of quarterly results announcements the quiet period is for the two weeks prior to the announcement of results. During these quiet periods we refrain from replying to questions related to earnings announcements. However, in the event that results are expected to substantially differ from forecasts, FANCL will make appropriate announcements in accordance with the regulations on timely disclosure.

5. Other

The information on this website is not intended to solicit investments. Investors are advised to make their own judgment regarding investment decisions.