Improving Health and Quality of Life

In the Health Food business, one of FANCL's core business areas, we focus on addressing 5 needs or "immunity measures" that have emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to 4 areas related to aging populations (elderly, long and healthy working life, women's support, nutrition deficiencies). We offer new products that add new value by maximizing the strengths of FANCL Group.


  • Ratio of people in Japan using supplements and health foods to address health-related issues

    By FY Mar/203150%(one in two people)(FY Mar/2023 : 32%)

Achieving Healthy Living

Since its founding, the FANCL Group has worked to provide value related to beauty and health. We have researched and developed various products to support the beauty and healthy lives of our customers not only in Japan but around the world.
Under the FANCL Group VISION2030, we are aiming to make the world healthier and more beautiful while becoming a company that is loved around the world. In each of our businesses, including our core health food business, we will do our part to extend healthy life expectancy and improve the quality of life (QOL) of people around the world through our unique products and services.

In addition to the four needs facing an aging society with a declining birthrate (the needs of elderly people, the need to be able to work in good health in old age, the need for support for women, and the need for good eating habits) we have added a fifth need in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, for "steps to boost immunity," and are focusing our efforts to meet this need. We will maximize the unique strengths of the FANCL Group and develop products that add new value.

Social issues and health needs, and the products that address them

Health issues

Corresponding products

  • Health issues associated with the increasing elderly population

    • Enkin
    • Raku Hiza (joint support)
  • Basic nutrition challenges

    • Essential Nutrient Pack
    • Kale Juice – Premium
  • Women's health issues

    • Age Bracket Based Supplements
      (Women in their 40s)
    • Mama Lula Folic Acid & Iron Plus
  • Health issues of the working generation

    • Sleep & Fatigue Care
    • Naishi Support
  • Countering viruses by maintaining the body's immune function

    • Meneki Support (Immune System Support)
General FANCL business such as health foods, cosmetics, and underwear
Achieving Healthy Living for consumers through unique FANCL products and services

Practical examples of solving social issues

Solving social issues through products

Our basic nutritional initiatives

To solve health problems such as poor physical and mental condition caused by eating poorly, it is essential to improve the nutritional balance of one's daily diet.
FANCL offers a range of supplements (dietary supplements) to solve nutritional problems and support the efficient intake of nutrients lacking in one's meals.

Health needs of the elderly

As our population ages, every one of us is questioning our awareness of health and what we are doing about it. We have added several useful solutions, from our choice of material to its processing technology, to help in the reduction of ever-increasing medical costs and to support a healthy and active life. These include selecting a particle and dose size that makes swallowing medicine easier and reducing the number of tablets without lowering their functionality.

Solving social issues through local communities

Food education at a children's cafeteria in collaboration with Kanagawa Prefecture and NPOs

We participated in the Kanagawa SDGs Partnership held by Kanagawa Prefecture in December 2022. In May 2023, we began collaborating with the children's cafeterias NPO Kodomono Tonari and NPO Acchi Kocchi in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Children's cafeterias are projects that not only provide meals but are also venues for food education and interaction with the local community. The children's cafeterias use FANCL's Hatsuga Genmai rice and kale juice. These projects provide food education courses for children and people in the local community to help them gain knowledge about food and nutrition and the ability to choose a well-balanced diet. They are doing their part to build healthy bodies for the future.

Food education for children at the Kirara Nursery School, using Hatsuga Genmai rice

The Kirara Nursery School is unusual in that it employs nutritionists at all of its kindergartens in Japan. For over 20 years Kirara has provided FANCL Hatsuga Genmai rice to children in its school lunches. In August 2022, we jointly held the FANCL Hatsuga Genmai rice menu contest. The winning recipe was prepared and offered at a restaurant at FANCL Ginza Square. A portion of the sales income was donated to the Certified Nonprofit Corporation National Children's Cafeteria Support Center, Musubie.

FANCL Kanagawa SDGs course -- Nutrition course

Since 2021 FANCL has held the FANCL Kanagawa SDGs Course at elementary schools, junior high schools, and high schools in Kanagawa Prefecture and other areas to help children learn about SDGs.
The themes of the nutrition course are "food loss" and "nutrition issues." The lectures discuss food disparities around the world and in Japan, as well as nutritional issues for Japanese youth, and convey the importance of basic nutrition.

Kanagawa Prefecture Health Support Program

Kanagawa Prefecture holds programs to support community activities to improve the conditions of pre-symptomatic diseases through diet, exercise, and social participation, using the know-how and human resources of companies and organizations.
FANCL offers two such programs. The first is about how to understand and interpret the results of medical checkups. The second discusses the era when many people will live to be 100 and talks about how long people can expect to be physically active. In the fiscal year ended March 2023 we offered these courses in lectures for senior citizens held at the Oi Town Hall in Ashigarakami, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Proposing Comprehensive Health Solutions

FANCL focuses on 3 points and proposes comprehensive health solutions in order to address aforementioned needs and provide products and services with a competitive advantage

  1. Evolving technology to "visualize" the state of health
    Being an easy way to enable an understanding of one's own health condition, this technology proposes optimal and tailor-made ways to deal with health issues, together with providing confirmation of the effectiveness of your own measures. This motivates customers to continue their efforts.
  2. Deepening "product efficacy in our body," a product function that meets needs
    Having cultivated "product efficacy in our body" technology, FANCL develops highly functional and exceptional products that meet customer needs.
  3. FANCL focuses its efforts on developing dosage forms that customers find easier to incorporate into their lifestyles, and works to enhance usability and continuity.