Intellectual Property

Property of Business Partners

We strive to conduct business activities respecting the position of business partners based on our procurement and purchasing policy.


We constantly apply for patents to ensure that the inventions generated by our laboratories are protected intellectual property. In the fiscal year ended March 2023, we filed 71 domestic patent applications and 2 international ones. A total of 39 domestic patents and 6 overseas patents were granted to us.

Examples of patent rights

Cosmetic formulation technology
Formulation technology for FANCL BEAUTY BOUQUET cosmetics that give a superior sensation of skin moisturization
Functional food formulation technology
Formulation technology for Uric Acid Support to reduce elevated uric acid levels and suppress increases in uric acid levels caused by dietary purines.


The Legal Department discusses with business divisions and affiliated companies the future development of products and plans for overseas expansion as appropriate and takes procedures into consideration cost-effectiveness. FANCL has acquired approximately 2,800 trademark rights in 60 countries and regions as of March 2023. From the perspective of brand protection, we are also working on anti-counterfeiting measures, mainly in the Asia region.