Customer Perspective Committee

As evident from the words of Ikemori, the founder of FANCL, "The growth of a company is in direct proportion to how happy it makes customers," FANCL has maintained the customer first policy ever since its founding. In 2002, we have established a "Customer Perspective Committee" for the purpose of "evaluating customer service and FANCL services from the customer's perspective." The Committee's main activities involve requesting the cooperation of FANCL customers with surveys (evaluations) on in-store customer service and response to telephone inquiries, and using them to improve customer service and FANCL services.

The Customer Opinion Session is one of the initiatives conducted by the Customer Perspective Committee. At these sessions, we conduct online surveys and round-table discussions about products and services. The sessions are a valuable opportunity for us to hear customers' opinions about the future of FANCL. We will use this feedback in future FANCL product development and services.