Diversity and Inclusion

Under the slogan "Embrace differences," FANCL Group, a company that truly cares for people, aims to continue to create new value by showcasing the individuality and abilities of our diverse workforce, with diverse values and ways of thinking. We respect and acknowledge each other's diversity in terms of gender, age, disabilities, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality, race, religion, values, ways of thinking, and ways of working, and we strive to achieve teamwork in an environment where each individual can shine with vitality, and we will promote change and value creation.


  • Ratio of female managers

    By FY Mar/202450%(FY Mar/2023 : 47.1%)

  • Ratio female senior managers* (%)
    *Senior managers: Management positions at the rank of
    deputy manager or higher, excluding directors.

    By FY Mar/202430%(FY Mar/2023 : 28.0%)

  • Employment rate of people with disabilities

    By FY Mar/20315%(FY Mar/2023 : 4.46%)

Diversity Slogan

FANCL's diversity slogan
Embrace differences

The FANCL Group, a corporation that truly cares for people, seeks to continually generate new value by ensuring that diverse talent with various values and viewpoints demonstrate their uniqueness and skills under the slogan, "Embrace differences".

Diversity and Inclusion

Promotion of female employees

Since its establishment, FANCL has maintained a culture in which female employees play a central role in enabling the company to deliver beauty and health to customers. As of FY Mar/2023, the ratio of female employees is 62.2%, while the ratio of female managers is 47.1%. In addition, we have introduced a spousal maternity and childcare leave program for male employees so that no one is ever forced to leave the company for childbirth or childcare, and we are working to promote a comfortable workplace where women and men can support each other and demonstrate their abilities together. We have a 100% utilization rate for childcare leave, and 100% return to work rate. We also value employees making use of their experiences in child rearing and home life to develop products and services from a more "user-oriented" perspective.
Furthermore, we also provide a monthly allowance of 10,000 yen for each employee's child until the age of 18.

Promotion of female employees

Promotion of female employees
We actively participate in the Cabinet Office's "Male Leaders Coalition for Empowerment of Women" and the Kanagawa Prefecture "Support the Success of Kanagawa Women" meeting. Our representative director actively participates in leader meetings held every year to communicate the importance of promoting women both inside and outside the company by proactively communicating his own thoughts and efforts regarding the promotion of women.
In February 2022, we signed the Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs), demonstrating both domestically and internationally our strong commitment to creating a working and social environment in which women can demonstrate their power in society.

Promoting understanding of LGBTQ

At FANCL Group we aim to realize a society in which everyone can be themselves and work with enthusiasm, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.
We conduct regular training every year to promote understanding of LGBTQ and other sexual minorities.
Other initiatives include the establishment of partnership regulations in April 2022, whereby same-sex marriages and de facto marriages are covered by the Company's benefits in the same way as legally recognized marriages. Once we recognize an employee's partner, we consider them to be the employee's spouse. This enables the employee to use various welfare programs such as family nursing leave and childcare leave, and to receive congratulatory and condolence money, and transfer allowances.
We launched the LGBTQ Ally program to create a comfortable workplace. In April 2023, we exhibited at the Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2023 event as an LGBTQ Ally promotion member.
In the future, employees will continue to plan and implement various initiatives on their own.

We exhibited at Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2023

In November 2022, we received a Gold rating in the PRIDE Index 2022, an index that evaluates workplace initiatives concerning sexual minorities, such as LGBTQ, which was created by 'Work with PRIDE', a non-profit organization with the objective of "creating workplaces in Japan where LGBTQ people can work comfortably beyond the standard frameworks of corporations and other organizations.

Employees with disabilities

FANCL Smile, Inc. was established in February 1999 as a special subsidiary to support the independence of people with disabilities. The company name comes from the idea that smiles are the origin of connection between people, regardless of their abilities or disabilities. The business philosophy is not about protecting people with disabilities as socially vulnerable but to support them as independent members of society, and to pursue true spiritual enrichment. The scope of their work is very diverse. We are also promoting the employment of people with disabilities not only in FANCL Smile but across the entire FANCL Group, and by the end of March 2021, the entire FANCL Group reached a figure of 100 employees with disabilities.
Going forward, we aim to achieve a 5% employment rate of people with disabilities across the entire FANCL Group by 2030.

Examples of FANCL Smile's operations
FANCL Building (Naka-ku, Yokohama), Iijima Building (Sakae-ku, Yokohama) Confectionery manufacturing and sales, packaging and tying of cosmetics and supplements samples, cleaning of FANCL Head Office cafeteria, receipt and delivery of internal mail, business card printing, collection and shredding of waste documents, cleaning of containers for recycling, direct mail encasing, sealing and shipping
Kanto Logistics Center (Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture), Kansai Logistics Center (Kadoma City, Osaka Prefecture) Container cleaning, collection of stretch film, assembly of shipping boxes, general cleaning, cleaning of test containers
(Nagareyama City)
Dismantling of cardboard boxes, collection of waste, transportation of cardboard boxes for return, logistics assistance (forklift transportation, etc.)

Achieving diverse work styles

As part of our efforts to promote diversity and inclusion, FANCL Group is creating an environment in which every employee can play an active role.

Extension of retirement age for regular employees from 60 to 65

In this age where people can live to 100, we are creating a culture where senior employees can play an active role in the workplace. To ensure that employees can work with peace of mind for a long time, on April 1, 2020, FANCL Group extended the retirement age for full-time employees from 60 to 65. Senior employees have a wealth of experience that younger employees do not yet possess.

"Active Senior Employee System" with no age limit

In April 2017, we introduced the "Active Senior Employee System" for employees 65 years of age or older. We have eliminated the upper age limit for rehiring so that those who want to continue working can remain active for a long time. It provides a place where seniors can work with energy and enthusiasm while passing on the skills and know-how they have cultivated over the years to the younger generation.

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