Message from the Founder

 In the late 1970s, many women were deeply concerned by serious skin problems due to preservatives and other additives found in cosmetics. Harm from cosmetics had become a major social issue.
 Outraged that cosmetics that were supposed to make women more beautiful were actually damaging their skin, I conducted repeated investigations on my own. What I learned inspired the concept of Mutenka* cosmetics completely free of additives. Trial-and-error paid off in 1982 with the completion of the worldfs first Mutenka cosmetics, which are at the heart of FANCL.

 Ever since, we have embraced challenges in an array of businesses, guided by the philosophy of eliminating the gnegativesh (anxieties, inconveniences, and dissatisfactions) in the world with a sense of justice. Currently, we are taking on the new challenge of extending healthy life spans with an eye to preventive healthcare to tackle the social issue of reducing Japanfs health care costs, which total around 40 trillion yen.
 Further, FANCL has continued to create products thoroughly rooted in evidence at every stage of the process by capitalizing on its business model of an integrated manufacturing and sales framework. In May 2016, the FANCL Research Institutefs second laboratory was completed. We will further reinforce those RD capabilities.

 We are living in a time of unprecedented change, affected by various social issues including global warming, human rights violations stemming from national and religious conflicts, oppressive labor conditions, and the coming of an aging society.
 FANCL is committed to operating with an eye to problems the world faces. To that end, we became a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact in April 2013. With the United Nations Global Compactfs Ten Principles, ISO 26000, and Japanfs Ministry of the Environmentfs Environmental Reporting Guidelines as standards for activities, organizations throughout the Group set goals and carry out their work.

 Read the future of the times and make our future       we are Fancl continue to create new value without treating the current situation, and keep challenging to the gnegativesh(anxieties, inconveniences, and dissatisfactions) in the world.

Kenji Ikemori
Founder & Chairman, Representative Director

* FANCLfs Mutenka products contain no additives, preservatives, sterilizers, petroleum surfactants, fragrances, mineral oils, ultraviolet absorbents, or artificial colorings.