Utilization and Development of Talent

FANCL human resource development

FANCL College, a specialized educational institution, is responsible for the overall education and training of all FANCL Group employees.
Our college is focusing on the education of our human resources in the following six areas:
- Human resources who can put our philosophy into practice;
- Human resources who will lead the next generation of FANCL
- Human resources who can play an active role globally
- Human resources with high levels of expertise
- Human resources who can respond to the environment surrounding our Company (sustainability, diversity & inclusion, IT/digital human resource education), and
- Human resources who can learn autonomously.
We are implementing training programs in each of these six areas, based on our Company's goals and the ideal human resources for us.

Human resources with the ability to embody FANCL’s philosophies

We are continuously working to ensure that every employee correctly understands and puts into practice the FANCL Group's founding philosophy of “Eliminate the ‘Negatives’ with a Sense of Justice” and our management philosophy of “Can Achieve More.”
In addition to training on our founding philosophy for new graduates and mid-career employees who have joined FANCL Group, and philosophy training for all employees, each department promotes initiatives to encourage understanding and implementation of the philosophy by providing opportunities to repeatedly think about the philosophy and discuss their thoughts with colleagues with whom they work.
In addition, to further put into practice our founding philosophy of “Eliminate the 'Negatives' with a Sense of Justice,” we reviewed the contents of our management philosophy and stance, which were established together with our Management Philosophy in 1995, in terms of whether they are appropriate for the current times, circumstances, and company situation. In 2022 we updated them into the Action Guidelines.
Going forward, we will conduct initiatives and training to encourage employees to put this philosophy into practice, including the creation of ideas and the challenge of new businesses to resolve new “negatives.”

About the Ikemori Calendar

The Ikemori Calendar is a collection of writings by our founder, Kenji Ikemori, that expresses how he thinks and lives, compiled in a daily calendar format (31 days) in order to put employees in the right frame of mind.
The calendar is posted at each office and workplace, and can be viewed on the intranet.

A Reader's Guide to Corporate Survival: From the Ikemori Calendar

This book, distributed to all executives and employees, its written for FANCL employees and provides background to the writings featured in the Ikemori Calendar, and Mr. Ikemori’s thoughts about them.
Each day has a memo column where employees can record their thoughts and observations on that day.

Ability to lead FANCL in the future

We are expanding our programs to develop the next generation of executive managers.
The programs include raising employees' awareness and changing their behavior as leaders, selective training to develop the next generation of managers at each level, and dialog with external coaches to enhance their people skills and help them achieve a mindset that is needed for someone in a management-level position.
In addition to the Top Management Education Program for senior management, we have launched the FANCL Management School, a new program in management literacy, to nurture the next generation of leaders of FANCL.

Ability to act globally

We provide executives and employees with language and global awareness training, as well as specialized training for candidates for overseas postings. This is part of our drive towards our FANCL Group VISION2030, which is to “make the world healthier and more beautiful and become a company that is loved around the world.”
Our English language learning support for executives and employees gives them practical language skills. We also provide education aimed at fostering global awareness, such as business case studies and training on attitudes in a global environment, for young candidates for overseas postings who will lead our future.

Guidelines for subsidies to acquire qualifications

This is an initiative where the company subsidizes the costs for acquiring qualifications for the purpose of enhancing employee expertise and increasing the corporate value of FANCL Group.

Ability to adapt quickly to the business environment

We conduct theme-specific training that matches the changes in the external environment and or Company's vision.
Most recently, we have conducted sustainability training, training to promote diversity and inclusion, IT/digital human resource education, and career development support education.

Training in sustainability

In promoting sustainable activities, the FANCL Group conducts various training and awareness-raising related to the environment, human rights, and other topics.

Training to promote diversity and inclusion

The FANCL Group conducts training to promote diversity and inclusion, to enable diverse human resources who have different values and ways of thinking to demonstrate their individuality and abilities and continue to create new value.

Women's leadership program

We are implementing a women's leadership program for all female executive officers and managers so that they can envision their image of a leader and play an active role in their own unique way. After attending the program, each woman can strive to be the ideal leader that she is seeking to become.

Unconscious bias training

We give unconscious bias training to all our executives and employees to create a corporate culture that accepts diversity and where each individual can demonstrate their individuality and abilities. By having each employee learn about unconscious bias, notice the impact of their own bias, and learn how to cope with it, we are creating a workplace where there fewer unconscious assumptions and biased views.

IT and digital human resource training

FANCL is developing specialized human resources for FANCL's DX (maximization of customer experience value (CX)), and providing training and support for certification acquisition to enhance the IT literacy of every employee.
To develop more specialized human resources, we offer the Digital Human Resource Development Program, an educational program on digital marketing and data science. We support training to acquire digital knowledge, including information security. We are boosting our support for employees taking the IT Passport Examination, a national certification. Our President, Directors, and executive managers were the first to take the IT Passport Examination. This leadership encouraged the participation of our employees. In the last three years, 413 employees (25% of the total) have passed this exam.
In the future, we plan to conduct training to enhance data analysis and utilization skills to foster the development of plans and experiences that will please every customer.

Fair evaluation and compensation

Employees are evaluated fairly in accordance with our personnel evaluation guidelines. Evaluations are based on the principles of openness, rationality, clarity and continuity and are designed to provide development for employees through advice on improving strengths and overcoming challenges. Evaluators undergo evaluation training to standardize criteria and clarify rules.
We also conduct one-on-one meetings, utilize chat tools to communicate on a daily basis, conduct quarterly prograss checks toward goals, and supervisors provide evaluation feedback twice a year to their subordinates.
In regard to compensation, we comply with legal minimum wage requirements and conduct annual reviews to ensure that minimum wage for the entire FANCL Group does not fall below the standards set by local governments across countries and regions and within Japan. We strive to provide a living wage competitive with local markets according to region and industry. Compensation is determined equitably with regard to qualifications and duties and without distinction by gender.

Guidelines for subsidies to acquire qualifications

This is an initiative in which the company subsidizes the cost of acquiring qualifications with the aim of enhancing the expertise of employees and improving the corporate value of FANCL Group. Qualifications related to the work execution (legal qualifications and qualifications that are effective in improving expertise) are eligible for this program, which is available not only to permanent employees but also to fixed-term employees.

FANCL Group in-house certification for makeup counselors approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

FANCL has implemented the "FANCL Group In-House Certification for Makeup Counselors," an in-house certification system for operators' makeup-related advising skills over the phone. This system received approval from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in 2022.
These are seen as the ability to provide specific information through a phone call on effective makeup methods that match the customer's desired image, and are classified into Levels 1 and 2, which are vertified through a departmental test that tests knowledge of telephone counseling and makeup, and a practical test encompasses self-applied makeup skills and role playing.
Through the implementation of the FANCL Group In-House Certification for Makeup Counselors, we aim to provide more satisfactory customer service.

Recognition of Directly Operated Stores

At FANCL, there is a system for recognizing the stores / employees with exceptional performance among directly operated stores nationwide as well as a "customer service role-playing contest", which contributes to enhancing the motivation of employees.

Customer service role-playing contest Since 2016, we have held this contest every year.

Thank You Week

Customer Service Week was enacted in 1992 in the United States to recognize the labor of those working at call centers.
FANCL was the first Japanese company to recognize this week in 2008 and has been holding the event each year as an expression of appreciation that is often difficult to communicate daily. In the fiscal year ended March 2023 the main plan for our annual event was an online social gathering in which as many people as possible could take part. We wanted an event that could be held despite the COVID-19 pandemic and that recognized all our employees who work from home.