Quality Control and Environmental Policy

Quality Control Policy

We continuously improve our quality assurance system to provide products and services to achieve customer trust and satisfaction under the management philosophy of FANCL group.

Keeping, "Integrity and Quality" in Mind. 

We promise to keep inquiring, seeking and challenging ways to improve the quality in order to meet customers’ desires and needs.


All FANCL employess strive to achieve the best of FANCL Brand with the philosophy of "Can achieve more".

1. Quality Evaluation by Customer

We aim to improve quality by considering our customers' opinions and applying them to our corporate activities to achieve a fulfilling lifestyle with joy and satisfaction for people around the world.

2. Products that Customers Come to Cherish

We provide products that customers depend on for satisfaction by improving and maintaining their high quality.

3. Assure Product Safety

We strive to provide reliable and safe products with accurate usage instructions and related appropriate information.

4. We Always Serve Customers with a Smile and Appreciation.

We do our best to enhance satisfaction by providing services from the standpoint of our customers.

5. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We endeavor to comply with laws and regulations related to quality along with industry-wide standard. We cooperate in following international agreements and policies of local and national governments.

6. An Understanding of the Quality Control Policy and FANCL Original Standard

Ensuring all FANCL employees understand the quality control policy and raise awareness by training in the quality assurance standards including FANCL Standard of Quality, "FSQ" and FANCL SAFETY STANDARD, "FSS".

7. Corporate Accountability

We strive to promote full transparency of cooperate operations, fulfill accountability to society and improve reliability, being aware of our responsibility through our business.

Environmental Policy

Being grateful for nature, we strive to conserve the environment and biodiversity throughout our corporate activities under the management philosophy of FANCL group.

1. Designing Products and Services with Environmental and Safety Considerations in Mind

We strive to design products and services that are gentle and safe for our customers, while reducing the burden on the environment and ecosystem.

2. Promoting Eco-friendly Business Activities
  • (1) We encourage the purchase of materials that are eco-friendly.
  • (2) We strive to save energy by increasing the efficiency of our business activities.
  • (3) We strive to prevent pollution and reduce the disposal of substances that adversely affect the environment.
  • (4) We strive to increase our recycling rate and reduce industrial waste.
  • (5) By increasing customer satisfaction, we minimize customer complaints and reduce energy.
3. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We comply with laws and regulations related to the environment along with industry-wide standards.
We cooperate by following international agreements and policies of local and national governments.

4. Education and Self-Awareness for Employees

We ensure that all FANCL employees consciously behave with the awareness of our individual roles based on the understanding of our environmental policy and the importance of the ecosystem.

5. Co-Existing with Nature and Disclosure of Information Concerning the Environment

We actively support local activities to conserve the environment and ecosystem, as well as disclosing fair and appropriate information.

6. Ensuring on Environmental Management System
  • (1) We set goals and targets with an action plan to ensure the operation of the environmental management system.
  • (2)We conduct regular ISO internal audits to review corporate activities.

We will continuously strive to achieve all of the above missions.