Message from the Founder

 “Tear down the walls of common sense” formed the base of FANCL.

 In the 1970’s, there was a dramatic increase in the number of women suffering from skin problems from cosmetics, leading to a major social issue that the term “cosmetics pollution” came to be used.

  Learning that this was largely caused by the additives, including preservatives that were used to keep cosmetics from spoiling. FANCL introduced the idea of small containers (only 5mL) that could be used while the cosmetics were still fresh, and save countless women struggling with cosmetics.
This became the world’s first “Mutenka Cosmetics”, and FANCL was born.

 Japan is an aging society, and the national budget is struggling under the burden of rising medical expenses. The best way to solve this issue is to help people not to get sick.
This led FANCL to begin research on health food products from 1993. In order to erase the outdated and disreputable image accompanying health food products, we were the first company in Japan to begin selling our products as “supplements”.

 As indicated by the term “effect in body”, the power of FANCL’s supplements lies in their ability to enable the optimal dose for the body to have a long-lasting effect.
This is a major characteristic of our products that cannot be found in others. In 2016, we built our second Research Institute, and continue to conduct world-class research.

 FANCL has various other businesses, all business activities are conducted under a consistent philosophy.

  FANCL also continues to provide high value-added products and services while striving to reduce environmental impact, and was awarded the “Environment Minister’s Award for Global Warming Prevention Activity” in 2013.

 We also emphasize the empowerment of women, and were awarded the “Corporate Activity Award” by the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2014, going on to receive the Minister of State for Special Missions Awards for “leading companies where women shine” in 2015. In addition to these, FANCL has received numerous other honors and awards.

Going forward, we will continue to sincerely address “corporate social responsibility (CSR)”, conducting new activities with a positive attitude.

Kenji Ikemori
Founder & Chairman, Representative Director