The FANCL Group Philosophy

FANCL GroupOur Founding Philosophy

Eliminate the “Negatives” with a Sense of Justice

FANCL GroupOur Management Philosophy

Can Achieve More

FANCL Group truly cares for people. We strive to eliminate the "negatives" experienced by people around the world by pursuing absolute safety, assurance and gentleness in the products we produce.
People’s happiness is the benchmark for everything we do, and we always act from the customer’s perspective.

We want to eliminate negative elements like worry, inconvenience, and dissatisfaction from the world.This has been our unchanging desire since the founding of FANCL. Back in the year 1980, skin problems caused by cosmetics were becoming a widespread issue.
FANCL's Mutenka Cosmetics were born out of the desire to deliver genuine cosmetics that could beautify people’s skin without using any damaging additives.
In the past, there was a deep-rooted perception in Japan that nutritional supplements were expensive. But FANCL has worked to change that perception, becoming the first in Japan to use the word “supplements,” establishing itself as a provider of high value-add products including kale juice and Hatsuga Genmai (germinated brown rice).
FANCL's business is rooted in the desire to eliminate consumers’ "negatives" experiences.

Our business areas, consisting of cosmetics, nutritional supplements, hatsuga genmai, and kale juice, are the very essence of FANCL's ongoing efforts to identify the "negatives” in people’s everyday life.

Focusing on what will bring happiness to our customers, we deny the status quo and continue to challenge ourselves with the idea that we can do more.

FANCL GroupCorporate stance


FANCL’s development of Mutenka Cosmetics is founded on a dedication to finding ways to set people free from worry, dissatisfaction and other negatives they may experience in their daily lives.

This focus on eliminating negatives is our founding purpose, and will continue to be our central driver. We always ask ourselves, will people be satisfied with this product? Does the product provide peace of mind?
Can we deliver it with sincerity and responsibility?

That is why we research, verify, and produce our own products. And above all, we listen to and carefully consider each and every customer's voice. How can we respond to their wishes? It takes time, and it costs money. It doesn’t always progress smoothly, but that is our way of doing things at FANCL.