We believe in delivering sincerity and honesty to our customers. To achieve this, we develop our own ideas, and carry out our own research, to create truly unique products.


FANCL’s Approach / 01Business

Make the world healthier and more beautiful and
become a company that is loved around the world

FANCL Group is
committed to eliminating negatives from the world,
with a focus on beauty and health


FANCL’s Approach / 02Sustainability

An Upholding Quality approach to the environment and society

We are committed to playing an active role in creating a sustainable society that brings people happiness, both now and into the future.
We confront environmental and social challenges and
create hope together with our stakeholders.

FANCL’s Approach / 03R&D

Upholding Quality for all

In pursuit of our goal of eliminating customers’ negative experiences,
we continue to refine our unique research techniques
and achieve innovation with a broad perspective and flexible approach.

Global Business

We develop sales channels to meet the needs of the modern era
and sell overseas.