Research and Development

Eliminating the "negatives" from beauty and health

FANCL has made Mutenka cosmetics available by using mail-order and has developed a lineup of new products, including food supplements such as highly-quality supplements, kale juice, and germinated brown rice.

General corporate philosophy is eliminating the "negatives" around us, such as dissatisfaction, insecurity anxiety and inconvenience. This is the force that drives FANCL, as a research and development oriented company.

In order to eliminate the "negatives" around us, we believe that it is necessary to continue to create a truly valuable products for customers.This means coming up with ideas that move outside conventional ways of thinking with state-of-the-art technology.The Research Institute (established as the Central Research Institute in 1999 and renamed in 2005) fulfills an important role in this regard. The Research Institute oversees the search for and development of new ingredients and product materials, infrastructure research conducted from a medical perspective, and also responsible for the development of products need by customers. In short, The Research Institute forms the core of FANCL's research and development effort.

A commitment of Safety and Gentleness

In our product development, in order to provide our customers with safe and gentle cosmetics and food supplements by applying our in-house safety and quality standards FSS (FANCL Safety Standard) and FSQ (FANCL Standard of Quality) with conducting the examination and inspection.
For cosmetic,we prejudice Mutenka to give your skin what it truly needs to stay healthy and beautiful. And thoroughly eliminating elements that cause stress to skin. For food supplements, we strictly observe the basic principle that such foods should be safe, while also enhansing the functionality of their ingredients ,and by guaranteeing safety and quality, from the stage raw ingredients was selected until the information we provide .Our experiments and tests focus on every aspect of a new product, including how the ingredients are combined, and we apply strict safety and quality standard during every stage of development.

Enhance brand value by using technological innovation to create valuable products

We enhance the brand value based on technological innovation. The mission of the Research Institute is to refine technology that only the unique business culture of FANCL can create and apply it to developing products and information that are easy to understand.

We believe that research and development with the result is the only kind that matters. With that in mind, FANCL R&D is focused solely on fostering business success by developing products that eliminate the "negatives" around us, rather than on research for the sake of research. We therefore approach individual research themes with a broad perspective that is open to new ideas. We also actively carry out joint research with universities, manufacturers, and various research institutes in Japan and overseas.

Inspired by our corporate philosophy of eliminating the "negatives" around us, FANCL will continue to develop valuable products for our customers.