Environmental education for employees

We provide environmental education to all of our employees so that they can all understand the importance of the environment and ecosystem conservation, and can engage in environmental activities both at work and home.

Initiative report

Sustainability education for employees

To promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we hold study sessions and workshops based on the belief that employees need to understand the key themes and issues in sustainability. We are raising awareness of sustainability by implementing employee training through collaboration with NPOs, such as studies of plastics and beach cleaning with marine conservation groups.
In the fiscal year ended March 2023, we created a training video and held in-house briefings to deepen employees' understanding of the environment. The training focused on the collection of empty containers and recycling. We aim to deepen understanding of the environment and link this awareness to employee behavior. In addition, we created "SDGs Topics," which provide easy-to-read information on SDGs, and we regularly distribute it to all employees via e-mail.

Environmental training centered on forest conservation

At FANCL, we teach new employees the importance of protecting the environment at their initial onboarding training. Since 2010, we have been taking part in forest conservation training in Doshi Village, Yamanashi Prefecture, which is the source of water for Yokohama City, where our Head Office is located. We continue to plant and thin trees in Doshi Forest.
We also provide employees with tree-planting training with forest conservation groups, providing opportunities to increase their knowledge about the environment and experience environmental issues first-hand.

Results of the Eco at Home Program

the Eco at Home Program, supporting the reduction of CO2 emissions in the home

In order to reduce CO2 emissions, our focus has been not only on our business activities but also on the CO2 emitted by our employees at home. Since 2008, we have been working on the "Eco at Home Program" to encourage employees to reduce CO2 emissions at home.
Under the Eco at Home Program, gift vouchers are given to employees who reduce their total electricity, gas, and water bills by 5% or more from the national average. Such activities are being expanded broadly, and we are communicating internally how our employees are enjoying their eco-friendly activities.
The program has also been rated highly by those outside the company*, as a system that gives employees a chance to think about the environment and because it functions as an initiative to bring families closer together.
The entry method used to be paper-based, but since the second half of FY Mar/2021, the program has been digitalized, which has contributed to a significant reduction in the amount of paper used (approximately 5,000 sheets compared to the peak period).

FY Mar/2020: The 7th Good Life Award Executive Committee Special Award for Environmental and Social Innovation, sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment
FY Mar/2021: Environmental Human Resource Development Company Award sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment *Awarded for three consecutive years since FY Mar/2019