For business activities in harmony with nature

We are grateful for the blessings of nature, and contribute to the preservation of the natural environment in all aspects of our corporate activities. We are also determined to address the issue of climate change, which is becoming an increasingly pressing issue on a global scale.

SDG targets

  • Affordable and clean energy
  • Responsible consumption, production
  • Climate action
  • Life below water
  • Life on land

Key tasks

  • Energy and CO2 reduction
  • Reduction of plastic use
  • Sustainable procurement
  • Recycling (response to waste)

Quantitative targets

Item Target

Reduction of CO2 emissions

By FY Mar/2051Net zero

(FY Mar/2022 : 10,740 tons)

Sustainable packaging based on the 4Rs※1.

By FY Mar/2031100%

(FY Mar/2022 : 43.0%)

Percentage of plant-based and recycled plastics used in FANCL cosmetics

By FY Mar/203130%

(FY Mar/2022 : 17.6%)

Adoption of environmentally friendly paper※2 in paper-based container packaging

By FY Mar/2026100%

(FY Mar/2022 : 79.9%)

Use of certified palm oil

By FY Mar/2024100%

(FY Mar/2022 : 100%)
* By Book and Claim System

  • 1 Reduce (reduction of container resin), Reuse (reuse of containers), Recycle (recycling of container recovery), Renew (switch to recycled or plant-based materials)
  • 2 Certified paper, non-wood paper, recycled paper, etc.
  • Sustainable packaging based on the 4Rs, plant-based and recycled plastics used in FANCL cosmetics, and use of certified palm oil apply to cosmetics and health foods of FANCL CORPORATION and ATTENIR CORPORATION.

Environment-related activities