Enhancing Compliance in Advertising

As an advocate of Integrity and Quality, FANCL launched its Advertising Expression Review Working Group in March 2018. The Working Group meets as required, to review the appropriateness of advertising in terms of several important questions. These include the following. Are the expressions easy for customers to understand? Could the expressions be misunderstood by customers to suggest that the product is better or more beneficial than it actually is? Do the advertising expressions violate relevant laws and regulations?
Outside experts are interviewed during the review process when necessary to avoid biased in-house reviews. In addition, the Working Group promptly detects trends in the government and industry, and shares this information within our Company. We hold advertising study sessions monthly, to familiarize our employees with advertising and advertising expression laws.
Going forward, FANCL will further promote the enhancement of the quality of advertising expressions. We will strive to create advertisements that are easier to understand, to ensure that they not only comply with relevant laws and regulations but that customers can select products with peace of mind.

Structure of the Advertising Expression Review Working Group