Compliance Helpline

Helpline Structure and Results

The FANCL Group has established a Human Resources Consultation Service providing consultation on labor issues including harassment and bullying, workplace environment matters including health and safety, career pathways, leaves of absence, and mental and physical health matters. We have also established the FANCL Group Compliance Helpline, for early detection and correction of violations of the FANCL Group Compliance Standards, including human rights violations, organizational and individual violations of laws and regulations, anti-corruption and anti-bribery.Users of the Compliance Helpline can report compliance-related matters by e-mail (available 24 hours a day) or in writing. Reports can be made anonymously in the local language of the country in which the relevant party operates. The internal contact point is staffed by the head of the Legal Affairs Division, while the external contact point is staffed by a full-time lawyer from a law firm outsourced by FANCL Group. In addition, FANCL Group prohibits all officers and employees of the Group, including those of FANCL Group companies, from any personnel-related actions, economic treatment, or other disadvantageous reactions toward users of the helpline in response to reporting.
Reports made to the Compliance Helpline are investigated by helpline staff who are required to maintain confidentiality, while respecting the privacy and reputation of the individuals involved and strictly managing records. If the investigation reveals a violation or potential violation of compliance or of human rights, corrective measures are taken as necessary to prevent recurrence.
The Group Risk and Compliance Committee, chaired by the company's President and CEO, reports semiannually to the Board of Directors on the content of reports and the status of responses. Once a year, an action plan is prepared for the FANCL Group to improve compliance system issues, and progress is monitored semiannually to enhance its implementation.
In order to increase the effectiveness of the Compliance Helpline, we post related information on the company intranet, and also inform employees of the Compliance Helpline through periodic compliance education and training sessions.
In the fiscal year ended March 2023, seven reports were received. The content of the reports were related to harassment and workplace relationships.

Number of internal reports
FY Mar/2018

4 reports

FY Mar/2019

3 reports

FY Mar/2020

5 reports

FY Mar/2021

4 reports

FY Mar/2022

3 reports

FY Mar/2023

7 reports

Compliance Helpline Reporting Process

The Compliance Helpline accepts compliance-related reports from suppliers engaged in business related to FANCL Group for the purpose of establishing and maintaining fair and equitable business relationships with suppliers.

Who can use this service

Trading partners who have been engaged in business related to FANCL Group within one year of the date of the report (reports are accepted even if the person has resigned from the trading partner as of the time of the report).

Acts that can be reported

Acts of dishonesty, violation of laws, violation of ethics, violation of human rights by FANCL Group companies or our Group's officers or employees, or acts that could potentially be considered any of the above.

Using the Helpline


After receiving a report, the FANCL Helpline will organize a team to begin an investigation. The number of team members will be kept to a minimum and they will be required to maintain confidentiality. If the investigation reveals any wrongdoing, FANCL Group companies will promptly take corrective and preventative measures.

Protection of privacy

We are responsible for protecting the privacy of our informants and will not disclose any personal information, except to members of the investigation team. We will not use the information for any purpose other than for the investigation.

Adverse treatment resulting from the report

No disadvantage will be imposed on the informant or the business partner to which the informant belongs by reason of the informant's report.

How to report

Informants may send reports by e-mail (24 hours a day) or in writing. We accept reports in the local language of the country in which the relevant party operates.
When reporting, please include your name and company affiliation whenever possible. Anonymous reporting is also possible, but please be aware that this may hinder our ability to respond to your report.

Reports that can only be considered slanderous or defamatory, or reports considered illegal such as threats, will not be handled as described above.

Report to:
  • By E-mail
  • In writing
    89-1, Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture 231-8528
    FANCL Corporation
    ATTN: Head of Legal Affairs Division (Confidential)