Not only do we apply the FANCL idea of “Can Achieve More” to our business, we also want to use it in our activities in local communities. Based on this concept, we are operating a loyalty point donation initiative for customers, and an employee donation initiative through the Can Achieve More Fund. FANCL Group will continue to actively engage in social activities with the aim of "eliminating the negatives" in various issues facing society.

Initiative report

Customer donations of loyalty points

If customers have accumulated loyalty points from their purchases of products through FANCL member services, they can donate these in bundles of 100-point units totaling at least 500 points. FANCL aims to help overcome social issues by continuously supporting activities that contribute to society. The FANCL points we receive are totaled monthly and converted to yen at the rate of 1 point per yen when we make donations.

Employee donation initiative -- the Can Achieve More Fund.

In 2007 we established the “Can Achieve More Fund” with the aim of creating an opportunity for social contribution in which employees can easily participate while working. Under this program, employees can donate any amount they wish (in units of 100 yen), and have the desired amount deducted from their regular pay. To date, more than 110 million yen has been donated to a total of 423 organizations. The recipients of the donations are selected from among organizations involved in activities linked to FANCL Group's sustainability priority themes: The Environment, Living Healthfully, and Community and Employees.

One-off donations

A member of the Can Achieve More Fund Steering Committee (made up of FANCL employees) receives an application from an employee to participate in the fund, examines the application and determines its validity.

Continuous donations

Determined in a general annual election in which employees vote. The Fund collaborates with the donation-receiving organization for a year.

Organizations receiving ongoing FANCL donations in FY Mar/2024
・Environment: NPO Moridukuri Forum (A tree-planting organization)
・Healthy Living: NPO Zenkoku Kodomo Shokudō Shien Sentā Musubie (The Musubie children's cafeteria offering free or low-priced meals to children)
・Healthy Living: Certified NPO Smile of Kids (Management of “Rira no Ie,” a lodging facility for families visiting the Kanagawa Children's Medical Center)
・Local Communities and Employees: Certified NPO Kanagawa Children's Future Fund (solicits donations and subsidizes activity funds for NPOs involved in children, young people, and child-raising)
・Local Communities and Employees: Public Interest Incorporated Association Save the Children Japan (child support activities)