Seminars and training courses

FANCL began its makeup seminars in 1988 based on the idea that we want everyone to be able to spend their time in a state of beauty and health. Over the years we have held a range of seminars and training courses that have brought us closer to our customers.
At present, we offer our FANCL seminars are free to people with disabilities, such as those with visual impairments, cancer patients, and students at schools for special-needs education. For others we offer our fee-based FANCL College Skill-up Seminar.
FANCL will continue to offer in seminars and educational programs so that everyone can enjoy brighter and more active futures

Initiative report

FANCL seminars (free)

We offer seminars free to people with visual impairments, to cancer patients, and students at schools for special-needs education so that we can help everyone to enjoy life more.
The seminar lecturers are all employees of organizations within FANCL Group. Our entire Company supports this program.
■ For the visually impaired: Skin care and makeup seminars in which even people who cannot see or have visual impairment can enjoy learning
■ For students at schools for special-needs education: seminars on personal grooming to help people become independent members of society
■ For cancer patients: Skin care and makeup seminars to help cancer patients learn beauty tips to suit their needs

FANCL College Skincare Seminar (fee-based)

In today's world, where people can expect to live to be 100, we want to provide support through opportunities for learning so that people can grow and enjoy their lives more. We offer a range of user-pay seminars for corporations and organizations. These seminars are for all ages from young people to the elderly, regardless of gender or age. We hope that people who take our seminars will enjoy more beautiful, healthy and prosperous lives.

The seminar lecturers are professional instructors who work at FANCL College, our own in-house training organization. In the seminars, FANCL's knowledge of beauty and health developed over many years, and our customer service know-how from our direct stores and online and catalogue telephone centers is presented in an easy-to-understand way.

The seminars can be customized according to your needs under the four themes of: Beauty, Health, Telephoning & E-mail, and Hospitality & Manners.
As part of our employee education, we have received many requests for seminars covering grooming, skin care & makeup, health, and other topics.