Sports / Culture

"We want everyone to be able to spend their time in a state of beauty and health." Based on this idea, we provide sporting and cultural support to children, senior citizens, and people with disabilities.

Initiative report

FANCL Classic

Out of a desire to expand the venues for the participation of seniors and energize Japan, FANCL initiated a golf tournament for senior citizens in 2001. Interest in the tournament has grown yearly, and it has grown into a senior event with the largest spectator gallery in Japan.
With the slogan "Healthy seniors make for a healthy Japan!!" FANCL will continue with its social contributions.

FANCL Kids Baseball

FANCL has organized baseball classes throughout Japan since 2010 with the slogan, "the world runs on kids' smiles".
The purpose of these activities is to develop the minds and bodies of children and to collect baseball equipment that is no longer used to donate it to countries where there is a shortage of equipment.

FANCL Smile National Adapted Aerobics Competition

The 22nd tournament

The National Adapted Aerobic Games is an aerobic competition for all people, with or without disabilities. FANCL Smile has been a title sponsor of this event from its 15th holding onwards. On February 19, 2023, the FANCL Smile's 22nd National Adapted Aerobic Tournament Tournament was held at Yokohama Rapport in Yokohama.
In 2023, as the COVID-19 pandemic receded, a total of 398 people from not only Kanagawa Prefecture but also from Tokyo and Fukushima Prefecture participated in the event. It was clear to the audience that the performers in each team truly enjoyed their time on stage, with fun and lively performances throughout the event.
FANCL is constantly striving to realize a society where people with disabilities can enjoy sports in the community.

Co-sponsorship of the Nikkei Muse Salon

Out of a desire to provide peace and vitality to everyone through the greatness of music, FANCL is a sponsor of the Nikkei Muse Salon classical music concerts. The Salon is a chamber music concert series that has been held every month for half a century since 1971, and it welcomes leading musicians from Japan and abroad.