Promotion of Work-Life Balance

Responding to flexible working styles

In the fiscal year ended March 2016, to accommodate flexible working styles, we introduced a system of working from home for employees who work shorter hours due to childcare responsibilities.
We have introduced a system that allows both work-from-home and flextime work, as part of work style reform for all employees.
In addition, we have enhanced special paid leave systems "refreshment leave," "life event leave," and "discovery leave" to create a work environment where employees can work long hours with the peace of mind of knowing that they have the leave systems to fall back on when needed.

Discovery leave: Five days of special paid leave, granted in the milestone years of 5, 15, 25, and 35 years of service so that employees may reflect on their careers and think about the future.

Promotion of No Overtime Days

FANCL has designated Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays as "No Overtime Days". The Company encourages employees to spend the time after working hours with their families or in acquiring certifications, using the time as they wish, and also supports the effective use of this time by offering regular "Self-Innovation Seminars".
Trends in overtime hours and average monthly overtime work over the past five years are indicated in the ESG Data Book.

Status of acquisition of various leave systems

FANCL is supporting employees in maintaining a work-life balance by providing various special leave systems in addition to paid leave stipulated by law.
Information regarding the uptake of each system for the past five fiscal years is included in our ESG Data Book.

Social Contribution Leave

We have established a social contribution leave system that enables employees to take up to five days of leave to actively participate in volunteer activities. Each fiscal year, we disclose the number of leave days taken for volunteer activities in our ESG Data Book.

Career Development Support Program for Permanent Employees

This system is designed to support employees' mid- to long-term personal skill development and to leverage the diversity of our workforce to achieve growth for the company.
We hope to make work more worthwhile and fulfilling for employees by enabling them to realize diverse ways of living that fit each stage of life through the active use of these systems.

  • Short-term Study Abroad Support System
    This enables current employees to study abroad in regions that are covered by the company's overseas strategy. A portion of the study costs is paid by the company.
  • Leave and shortened work hours systems for career development
    Current employees can enroll in educational programs such as MBAs and other graduate school courses.
  • Discovery leave
    Employees are granted five days of special paid leave to mark the milestones of 5, 15, 25, and 35 years of consecutive employment at the company. In principle, these are to be taken consecutively to provide an opportunity to for employees to reflect on their careers and consider their work future.
  • Career counseling system
    Employees can receive career counseling from internal and external career consultants. This system supports employees in choosing and developing their career path, and their lifestyle in relation to work.